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Gleb Muzychka

Gleb Muzychka is a lifelong business leader, community member, and respected father. Why is he running? Because we need leaders willing to do the hard work and cut our water bills, simplify the permitting process, reduce government spending, and restore integrity to our government.

As a CEO of a successful company where he was directly responsible for the lives of others, Gleb learned the vital skills necessary to bring prosperity for all. There, he learned the executive skills we need now more than ever leading our town. He made it a point to treat everyone fairly, respectfully, and earned a reputation as one of the most honest men in the industry. If elected, Gleb will always put our town first before corporate interests, and will listen to our community when voting on matters that affect us all. He has pledged to clean up the wasteful spending that has led our town deep in debt, and will be a powerful voice for hardworking taxpayers. Also, he will fight to slash our water bills which burden too many senior citizens in our community.
Finding creative solutions to complex problems is what Gleb does on a daily basis, and it’s what he will do for you if you elect him. These days we need real problem solvers, not career politicians, leading our community into the future. Most importantly, Gleb is passionate about bringing positive change and enhancing the quality of life for the citizens of Brechin and for future generations. He will work tirelessly to accomplish this by listening to the needs of our community, always putting his knowledge and experience to work for you.


  • Community First
  • Transparent, Open Government
  • Common sense laws that benefit everyone




Anton Muzychka

Anton Muzychka, like his father, is a passionate advocate for responsible governance and is now seeking a seat on Council. Known in the community as an engaging self-starter who welcomes challenge, Anton is qualified for the role and has the skills needed to be successful – those skills include managing our government like the businesses he has made profitable. After all, our tax dollars deserve to be in the hands of someone capable enough to manage them. He will avidly fight wasteful spending, reduce our water bills, simplify our permitting process, and bring transparency to our government. After graduating with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics from WLU, Anton Muzychka went into the mortgage and real estate business. In this role, he worked directly with the general public and built lasting relationships and a reputation for possessing integrity and a strong work ethic, two of the most important traits for public officials. After excelling in the real estate business, Anton became Vice President of Investment Acquisition at Benson Capital. If elected, he has pledged to put his business acumen to work on day one and work to cut government waste in efficient, logical ways so that taxpayers are not overburdened. Anton’s passion for this community is clear because he believes in giving back to the place that made him who he is. He is proud to be known by his friends and family as someone who cares more about the greater good than himself.  


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Social Policy

Maintaining a high quality of life for our citizens is vital to our long term success and happiness. As your elected representative, we pledge to always apply this litmus test to any decision we make: “Will this decision make the people of Brechin’s lives better?” Simply put, your livelihood is at the forefront of our thinking, and always will be.

Medical Policy

Gleb and Anton are dedicated to ensuring a high quality of medical care. They will use their influence as leaders to make sure our representatives at higher levels are delivering on their promises to bring us the care we need.

Economic Policy

Our local economy is what keeps the wheel turning for our town. Having leaders who understand the hard work necessary to sustain and build local businesses is paramount to our success.


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