What we stand for

Time to change direction. 

We are in this race to ensure better, more responsible government. For too long our local leaders have spent our tax dollars poorly. Property taxes are outpacing residents’ ability to pay for them. We are running to clean up the wasteful spending in Ramara and give that money back to the taxpayers through much needed tax cuts. 
We are passionate about this community and hold the experience needed to make it better. We are committed to earning your support and encourage you to contact us, learn more about our platform, and vote!

Current council

  • Property tax rates increased every year since last election. Not only because of increase in assessment value of the property, but because Ramara council authorised tax rate increases.
  • Short Term Rentals and BnB draft by-law already exists. Makes it fully legal to run one as long as you pay $3500 initial license fee and $1400 annually. See for yourself Bylaw 2018.xxx  
  • Ramara has 7 water systems and 2 sewage systems. 
  • Since last election council passed the following by-laws:
    • Increased council’s mileage allowance and Mayor’s car allowance. By law 2017.83  (replacing 2012.100)
    • Increased own salaries By law 2017.82
    • Increased almost every single fee and tax every year. Various by-laws
    • Passed noise by-law that restricts any businesses OR people from doing any work after 11pm. It also allows city to fine you if your dog barks at ANY time.  By law 2018.44

What we would do

      • Reduce property taxes by attracting outside investments. Municipiality needs another source of revenue.  
      • Repeal Bill 2017.08 and freeze water and sewage rate increases. Water has to be affordable. 
      • Create incentives for businesses to open and stay in Ramara
      • Support local businesses. 
      • Help repair the shorewall for affected residents in Brechin. City will never be able to cover the whole expense, but we have a plan to significantly reduce the cost for affected residents.
      • Expand water and sewer service for residents of Brechin without spending tax payer’s money.
      • Bring high speed internet to the city of Brechin  
      • Finish the new road to Lagoon city without spending tax payer’s money.
      • We will do all that and much more. Contact us to set up a one on one meeting to discuss the future of Ramara.
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